How to Pay online for BulkSMS and get credited instantly and Automatically on CloudSMS

Dear valued CloudSMS customer, Using PactPay Secure Online Payment to pay for bulkSMS on our platform allows you get credited automatically and instantly with 3-8% extra free SMS units and also helps to avoid the stress of having to queue in banks for hours for pay for bulkSMS voucher. Below are the steps to follow Login to […]

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How to send BulkSMS Effectively on CloudSMS

We feel obliged to inform you that Mobile Network Operators from time to time update their spam policy in order to checkmate Fraudsters using BulkSMS as a tool to defraud unsuspecting persons. As a result we advice that before sending Bulk Messages, Simply follow these steps-: Before sending a campaign message, send first to your phone […]

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How to Pay for BulkSMS using Internet Banking Transfer and get credited instantly on CloudSMS

Internet banking transfer is a service that eases your transfer of money for CloudSMS units to any of our bank accounts and also helps you make almost all the transactions that you do in the bank from the comfort of your home or office.It also allows you to access your account anywhere you are as long you […]

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Frequetly asked Questions(FAQ) for new customer on CloudSMS

Here is the lists of solution to the most frequently asked questions by people just using CloudSMS for the first time , click on the question to get full details about it. How do i place an order online for the purchase of bulksms?  What are the different means of paying for bulksms units on CloudSMS platform?  […]

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How to use the copy and paste feature on your cloudsms page. 1) Click on the copy and paste box 2) Copy your numbers from wherever you have it and paste it in the text area that appears on the screen 3) Click on the “extract format and continue to bulksms” button to continue with your […]

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How to Become a BulkSMS Reseller on CloudSMS

As a CloudSMS Reseller,we will provide you with a complete end-to-end platform required for you to start your BulkSMS Service. Building your platform on our secure and reliable platform is the wise choice for your BulkSMS business. CloudSMS Reseller Types Features API Reseller Basic Reseller Premium Reseller Free Domain Name Reliable Web Hosting API ACCESS […]

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How to Share Your CloudSMS Units with any CloudSMS User

For the convenience of our customers using this feature, you can share SMS Units with other users, where credit will be transferred from your remaining SMS Units to the other person’s CloudSMS Account. Here are the easy steps to follow, Login to your CloudSMS Account Click on Share your Units Enter the Email Address of […]

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How to load Bulksms Voucher on CloudSMS

YES CloudSMS has done it again. To bring  ease to our customers who do not like bank queues and ATM network problems, Here is another option for you to recharge your account. Buy CloudSMS recharge vouchers from any of our authorized dealer all over the country Log on to your CloudSMS account with your email […]

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How to send Bulk Email using CloudSms with Pictures

Have you been wondering if its possible to send emails to a large number of email addresses at the same time?  your answer is YES, it is possible on the CloudSms platform. These are the steps with relevant pictures 1.Login to your CloudSms account: if you are a current user of the CloudSms service you […]

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