How to Become a BulkSMS Reseller on CloudSMS

As a CloudSMS Reseller,we will provide you with a complete end-to-end platform required for you to start your BulkSMS Service. Building your platform on our secure and reliable platform is the wise choice for your BulkSMS business.

CloudSMS Reseller Types

Features API Reseller Basic Reseller Premium Reseller
Free Domain Name no yes yes
Reliable Web Hosting no yes yes
API ACCESS yes yes yes
Reseller Pricing for SMS yes yes yes
SMS Management Platform no yes yes
Online Payment Platform* no no yes
Recharge Card Generation no yes yes
No 1 Customer support yes yes yes
Free SMS unit to start off 0 1000 10,000
Activation Time** 30 mins 3 Hrs 2 Hours
Setup fee N5,000 N10,000 N25,000
Yearly Activation(to be paid starting next year) N7,000 N7,000 N7,000

* Can be integrated later with the payment of 3500 (for basic reseller)
** The Activation time is calculated from the time we confirm your payment

If you have further questions, please contact support @ cloudsms or call or 24/7 customer service desk on 08179092255

CloudSMS Reseller are of two major categories

1. API Re-seller
2. White Label re-seller (recommended)

  • API Reseller: if you have your own SMS management platform, and you simply want to use CloudSMS Reliable Gateway, we will assist you in integrating our API to be used by any platform you have, (this can be a software into which you want to integrate SMS API to enable the software/application to send SMS).

Setup Fee for API Reseller: 5000 Naira

Activation Time: 30 mins

Yearly Activation (No yearly activation fee for API resellers)
  • White Label Re-seller: if you Don’t have an SMS management platform, using this re-seller category, you could abstract our platform and brand it as your own. So the current CloudSMS site will have your logo and all your company information, including Secure online payment that will be integrated before the end of the month. This re-seller type is recommended as it is secure and reliable, You will be hosted on our Cloud Servers and you will be given a domain name as part of the plan.

Setup fee for White Label Reseller :25,000 Naira

Activation Time: 2 Hours

Yearly Activation (to be paid starting next year)

Within 3 HOURS of receiving your payment, your BulkSMS site will become active all you need to do on your part is:

  1. Make the payment for the type of plan you prefer to any of our  bank accounts
  2. Register the details of your Website (such as price and other services you offer)
  3. Email us a copy of your company Logo/upload it in the registration from
  4. Start introducing people to your BulkSMS company and start making Money!!!

Activation time is 3 HOURS  (you can begin to start making money via your SMS site within 3 hours from now)!!!!
If you have further questions,please contact or call 24/7 customer service desk on 0700CLOUDSMS / 08179092255.

Get started with the reseller platform now.


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