How to Pay for BulkSMS using Internet Banking Transfer and get credited instantly on CloudSMS


Internet banking transfer is a service that eases your transfer of money for CloudSMS units to any of our bank accounts and also helps you make almost all the transactions that you do in the bank from the comfort of your home or office.It also allows you to access your account anywhere you are as long you are connected to the internet.

Procedures to follow if you do not have Internet banking service on your bank account, if you already have internet banking please skip this section.

  • Simply walk into any of your bank to request for and fill the internet banking form
  • Apply for the token as well – a token is a small electronic device that helps you secure your online banking
  • You will be given login details that will enable you to use the internet banking service of your bank
  • Visit your bank’s internet banking site and login using the login details. This will give you access to your account to perform any transaction you want.
  • After you have be setup on a functional internet banking platform for your bank, you can proceed to check the second part of this article

Steps if you already have Internet banking service setup and functional

  • Login to Your CloudSMS Account,
  • Click on BuySMS
  • Enter the amount of Units you need, then click on Buy, this will bring an order invoice that has the list of all our bank accounts, simply choose the one you prefer
  • Now login to your internet banking platform, Click on Transfer to another account/similar feature that allows you transfer money from your account to another account
  • Enter our account number, and in the comment/remark section, put your email address there,
  • Effect/submit the transfer. Thats all!!, our Representative will immediately approve your order for your Account to be credited upon receipt of your payment.
  • You can send a mail to info(at) or support (at) or SMS 0809 12345 08 of your payment for a representative to instantly look into the payment you made for immediate credit.

We hope you are able to find the answer to the issue/question you have above here, if you still need any further assistance please contact CloudSMS us using below channels

Please Send SMS/Whatsapp/Call us on 0809 12345 08  and 0700CLOUDSMS

Send email to support (at)



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  1. Yes, You Have Answered My Questions. I Am Now Ready To Buy Bulk Sms Through The Use Of Mobile Banking Transfer.

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