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What Can I do To Avoid Bank Queues Whenever I want To Send BulkSMS?

If you are looking for how to pay online for BulkSMS and get credited instantly please see this bellow link How to Pay online for BulkSMS and get credited instantly and Automatically on CloudSMS   This question is really a food for thought. Due to the situation of Nigerian Banks, where customers has to queue […]

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How can I remember the birthday of all my friends? This is a question for which many people seek answer(s). You are always blamed to have forgotten your friends birthday, for not reminding them of your anniversary, events, and all other recurring events (e.g weekly meetings) and you always feel guilty. Even at times,  you tried using […]

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Sending Bulksms Without Internet Connection

Sending bulksms without internet connection, Is it possible? Yes it is possible to send bulksms without internet connection to all your contacts. As a result of the spirit of service that CloudSMS possesses, we have deemed it fit to help solve the problem of internet connection that the users face in the course of sending bulksms. Features […]

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What do we call Bulksms?

Bulksms as it name implies is a combination of two words: BULK and SMS. Let us deal with these two words separetely so that we can understand what is really called BULKSMS. SMS: The full meaning of sms is short message service. This service aids the sending and receiving of text messages from one individual […]

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CloudWare Technologies visits Less Privileged Home At UCH Ibadan

Lagos (CloudSMS) – On the 23rdof April, 2013, some members of the CloudWare Technologies Team (CloudSMS service provider) visited the less privileged home in UCH Ibadan, as a way of showing our love to the society. Our Primary aim at CloudWare Technologies is to impact the lives of people in

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CloudSMS social Platforms

Hello Internet, If you would like to join the most reliable SMS platform in Nigeria on her social platforms , feel free to connect with us wherever is convenient for you. Twitter Facebook Google+

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CloudSMS Platform Instruction Manual

As per the request of some of our fans to provide them with a user manual of the CloudSMS bulkSMS platform, we have prepared the first version of this easy to follow documentation Click here to view or download the manual, or both Feel free to comment below, Thanks.

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SMS Platform Redesigned!!!

After several constructive feedback from you our valuable customer, we have decided to make the changes you requested, in order to make your BulkSMS experience awesome. The platform is constantly undergoing changes to make you have a smooth and seamless experience, don’t hesitate to contact us via support @ cloudsms . com . ng if need be. […]

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Welcome to CloudSMS official blog, here we will provide you with updates on our products and services and also details of promotions will be posted here. CloudSMS is a leading HTTP/SMPP BulkSMS Gateway provider in Nigeria. Our Platform delivers your SMS to any number in Nigeria and beyond instantly. To Start using this effective and […]

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