What do we call Bulksms?

Bulksms as it name implies is a combination of two words: BULK and SMS.
Let us deal with these two words separetely so that we can understand what is really called BULKSMS.

The full meaning of sms is short message service.
This service aids the sending and receiving of text messages from one individual to another via mobile phone.

BULK: It simply means large or something being massive.
Combining the two word, bulksms means short message service that can be sent to a lot of people at once. In other words, bulksms means sending text message (SMS) to a lot of people at the same time.

Bulksms is a service that is harnessed during ceremonies and events generally to invite people or disseminate information.

Bulksms is a system that greatly reduces the cost one incurs on using the Generic Expensive Telecom Phone network for SMS.

Bulksms can be used by registering with a company that render this service.
One of the prominent and very efficient bulksms service providers is CloudSMS.

Bulksms has a lot of advantages attached to it.

Bulksms is a service that makes provision for those that do not have enough resources to check their email often. Using this service(bulksms) will help attend to that problem and reach out to them cheaply and timely.

Start using the bulksms and remove the stress of getting people informed.


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