How can I remember the birthday of all my friends?

This is a question for which many people seek answer(s). You are always blamed to have forgotten your friends birthday, for not reminding them of your anniversary, events, and all other recurring events (e.g weekly meetings) and you always feel guilty. Even at times,  you tried using your phone’s reminder, but you discovered that when you have a flat battery on your phone (i.e your phone is dead), the reminder is of no use. At times you will be too busy to even give attention to your phone. As a result of all of these you are worried because, you want all your friends to know that you value them.

The solution is at your door step, Autonotify.

What does Autonotify do?
CloudSMS, because of their spirit of service, have gone a long way in providing solution to as many problems as we might have.

Autonotify is a service that allows you to schedule birthday messages, recurring events (meetings, anniversary, events e.t.c). Autonotify just requires you to upload the name, address, date of birth, phone number, email of all your friends, parents, siblings e.t.c. in a particular format.

After you upload your contacts, CloudSMS automatically sends your messages (birthdays, meetings, events, anniversary)
to your contacts at the different dates. The message that will be sent by CloudSMS varies (i.e the birthday message Mr.A will recieve is not the same as the one Mr. B will recieve).
With this service, your are so confident that even when you have no phone or if you lose all your phone contacts, you will still tell your friends that they are of value to you by sending the messages on their birthdays, reminding them of events, meetings anniversary e.t.c.

With this Autonotify, you can see that you will stop being blamed for forgetting your friends’ birthdays.

For more details about Autonotify, visit

Indeed, CloudSMS is just for the people.


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  1. This is marvelously great, i love CloudSMS

  2. oyejide adewumi

    Now,I can be rest assured that even if I forget my friends buffday,autonotify will remember,thank you cloudsms for this great innovation

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