Are you bothered with having a website?

Many of us have been bothered about how to have a website. Many of us do not even know what a website really is. Some us even think that it is not possible for you to have a website. Many do not even know that at times instead of investing much in local advertisement which will not make their company or products known across the globe, they can have a website that will make them have international reach.

Many of us have even asked others what the cost of building a website is, but with the bill that was given to you, you just concluded that website is for those that have large scale business. This problem has been solved by CloudWare, but sometimes our ignorance makes us lose a lot of things.

CloudWare  Technologies has a service that enables you have free web design that will be yours. Oh, you might be thinking it’s all this free blogs that are termed website that you see across the internet.

You might even be thinking the name of your site will be in this manner (Http:// If you have this thought I can tell you that you have guessed wrong, because the same way we have, the same way we will have http://www.Yourname or Yourcompany’sname .com  (e.g or

This website will be built for you free.

For further details about this website hosting

contact us via phone : 08179092255
via email:

You may be thinking, “It is a lie”, they just want to cheat us,” visit

With all the services that CloudWare has to offer, many of us should have drawn an inference to our hypothesis that CloudWare is a help for us in this time of need.


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  1. john

    Oh ma God. CloudWare Na you oooooo!You have done much for us o.

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