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In a bid to provide you with a seamless experience on CloudSMS, we would like to re-introduce to you the different means of Paying for BulkSMS on CloudSMS

Different ways of Paying on CloudSMS

For Speedy Crediting of your CloudSMS Account After Payment, Be sure to Place an order before Payment/immediately after payment. To Place an order

  1. login to your CloudSMS Account
  2. Click on Buy SMS
  3. Enter the amount of units you want to buy in the first Box or the amount in Naira you intend to pay to the second box
  4. Click Buy
  5. Proceed to Pay using your preferred payment method (if you haven’t paid)
  6. As soon as you have paid, our finance department will notify a Sales personnel to approve your order and your Account will be credited
  7. You can hasten this credit approval process by sending an email to or SMS to 08102902085

Please contact us on if you require further assistance/information

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We love you.
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