CloudSMS  has developed a way of  paying for BulkSMS using ATM machine(Automated Teller Machine) so that you can purchase SMS units anytime you want.

Apart from the Other means of payment like the purchase of voucher from Dealers  at strategic places, Using our online payment platform  and paying Directly into our Bank Accounts, We have put in place another Method of payment  for CloudSMS unit  via the ATM machine

This is a way of us putting smiles to your faces and saying we care about you.

The steps are stated below

Insert Card
Enter Pin And Press Proceed


Press Quickteller



Press Pay Bill


Select Your Bank Account Type




Select Provider(Press Others)




Enter Payment Code for CloudSMS BulkSMS Services –> 84402 and press proceed



Enter this particular order invoice number(the one that shows when you Buy SMS from your CloudSMS Account.) –> and press proceed


Congratulations your order of 133.33 has been placed!!
You many proceed to Bank payment of your order

Order Number: 1139 
SMS Unit Ordered: 66.66
Depositor’s name to use:
Amount to pay: 100 Naira
Date: Monday 25th of November 2013



You will see
Beneficiary: CloudWare Technologies
Description: CloudSMS BulkSMS
Enter Amount and press Pay Amount


STEP 10:
Enter your Phone number and Proceed


STEP 11:
Review Payment details and click proceed if okay


STEP 12:
You will get the message “Payment completed successfully” please check the receipt for your reference number. Note: where there is no receipt, check your SMS alert for the Notification.


STEP 13:
Click No and Retrieve Your Card



Why should you choose this Payment Procedure?

  1. To Reduce Time spent in bank to deposit for CloudSMS unit Directly.
  2. ATM machines are found everywhere and are always on service even when banks are closed, weekends or other public holidays, ATMs are placed not only near or inside the premises of banks, but also in locations such as shopping centers/malls, airports, grocery stores, petrol/gas stations, restaurants, or anywhere frequented by large numbers of people.
  3. The only Tool needed for this transaction is your ATM card from any Bank.
  4. You can deposit money from machines not belonging to the bank where you have your accounts or in the countries where your accounts are held.



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  1. Ayinlatatos

    please i am new to buying sms since i registered and i want to buy through atm machine
    i don’t know how to get the all those codes on my account

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