Review in SMS Pricing for End Users and Resellers

Dear Valued Customer,

Last week, with very short notice MTN Nigeria Increased their SMS termination (BulkSMS) Pricing by about 33.04% due to reasons best known to them , This development we are not happy with and we have been brooding as to how to let you our Valued Customer to know about this development.


Because of this we will be doing an upwards review of our SMS Pricing for both End users and resellers (Reseller Pricing has been effected since 24th March) to meet the present realities, as We have been charged per termination rate of the new pricing since last week. This review is to enable us keep our commitment to provide you with Reliable BulkSMS Service always

We want to solicit your understanding in this matter, as this decision is one we can’t control. To compensate you for this inconvenience, we  be giving you 5% bonus units for every of your PactPay Payments using Buy SMS , also you can get 5% bonus of every SMS units people you refer buy 

For More information, please feel free to write us at or call 08091234508 | 0700CLOUDSMS



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  1. ishow baba

    why can’t we do “copy and paste” of number from our personal phone contact to the CLOUDSMS phonebook, or we should just upload our contact directly?

    • admin

      You can download our Mobile App on Play-store, its easy to send to phone contacts using our Mobile Apps

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