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Now you can use CloudSMS for free

We trust that you’ve been enjoying CloudSMS (Most reliable BulkSMS Provider) well. That makes us very glad; however we are not resting on our oars. We have many cool features and changes in the pipelines that will make your experience on the CloudSMS site even better.

Now let’s unveil one of them.   **drum rolls**

We realize that many of you, our customers, have been telling other people about CloudSMS. We want to reward you for putting in a good word for us.

To show our appreciation, we have come up with a reward system to make sure that our bulkSMS customers who refer people get compensated.

We want to make it possible for you to use CloudSMS for free. The referral code generator is our way of doing this.

Now this is how it works:

  • Login to your CloudSMS BulkSMS Account 
  • Once you generate your referral code, you have your instrument for getting bulkSMS bonuses.
  • When you tell someone about CloudSMS, you give the person your referral code and tell them to use it while registering on CloudSMS.
  • Or you simply send your referral link to them and tell them to click on the link to register on CloudSMS.
  • While registering on CloudSMS, your referee (the person you referred) inputs your referral code. This tells us that you are the one who brought that person to us.
  • When your referee buys bulkSMS units on CloudSMS, you get 5% of those units from us. For example, if your referee buys 1,000 units, you get 50 units from us.
  • The more your referee buys, the higher the bonus you get.

Now imagine you have 20 referees and each of them buys 5,000 units on a monthly basis, automatically you have a bonus of 5,000 units per month for free!!!.

And just in case you decide not to buy CloudSMS units anymore, all you have to do is make sure your referees keep buying and you keep getting bonuses from us when they do.

Remember we said you can use CloudSMS for free? Now that you know how to become a free-User, we are excitedly waiting to see who gets to be the bulkSMS free-User No.1 and the Mega free-User.

We have more amazing things coming your way. This is just our little way of saying “Thank you for joining us on the CloudSMS ride.”

Our Support is opened for all your inquiries and requests support@ or 08091234508  | 0700CLOUDSMS

You deserve the best.


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  1. Adebayo shina

    I love this

  2. Is it compulsory to add / save contact number before sending bulk sms?

  3. Gbadamosi H.

    The issue of generate referral code to get free units after you invite someone is no more working. If there’s another way of compensate your existing customer you should have come up with it and remove this from your blog, So it would not look as if cloud provider cannot stand with there worlds


    • admin

      It is is still working sir, the person you are refering has to add your referral code when registering their account.
      Thank you for Choosing CloudSMS

  4. I sent sms to two different numbers which include my own and my wife’s number, it is not delivered, and the sms unit was deducted, but we do received bulk sms from bank for all transactions occur on our accounts,

    • admin

      Hello sir,
      You are Probably on Partial DND List, please seed Help to 2442 to opt out to begin receiving BulkSMS messages to your number, see this link for more information on other things that could cause this. The Gateway is currently very stable and no known issue should affect message delivery to handset apart from partial or total DND.

  5. ayo

    how do i generater referral code.

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