CloudSMS Bulksms unit now available in all Sterling bank branches in nigeria


In a bid to ensure easy payment for Bulksms unit for all our customers,CloudSMS had just open a new Sterling bank account for easy access of our customers who will love to pay for bulksms unit or any of our services using Sterling bank. Simply Pay to below Sterling Current Accounts using your email address as depositor name

Sterling Bank 

Account Name: CloudWare Technologies

Account Number: 0047343772  (for Naira Payments)

Sterling Bank ltd

If you want to pay in USD, Euro, or GBP, Please Pay to the below Sterling bank CloudWare Technologies account

USD==> 0047344456

Euro==> 0047345398

GBP==> 0047345192

And here are the different alternate means of paying for bulksms unit

Your BulkSMS account will be credited after we receive your payment regardless of any method you use


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