What is DND list and How what can i do when sending SMS

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Recently like 2 months ago, Nigeria Telco Implemented DND feature on their Network,

What this DND means is DO-NOT-DISTURB this is essentially a list of people who have indicated that they do not want to be receiving any Promotional SMSes (yes including BulkSMS) within a Telco’s network , a mobile subscriber on this list will not receive BulkSMS you send to them. So what this means is that if you are trying to send BulkSMS to these categories of people, no matter how or from where you send it, even on Reliable CloudSMS platform or other unreliable platforms they will not receive it. it is not that something is wrong with the platform you are using or with Reliable CloudSMS Platform.

So what can be done??

The only thing you can do is to advise contacts on your list to Opt out of DND list., How can they do this?






do not disturb


Glo unveils code to stop unsolicited messages




Other Networks

Please google it for your Country 🙂

If you have any inquiry please mail support@cloudsms.com.ng

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  1. temitope

    If I activate the DND service will it not affect or stop my bank alert information. Please reply me.

    • admin

      If you opt in for complete DND, it will affect your Bank alert, see here for more information on how to opt out of DND list
      Thank you for Choosing CloudSMS

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