We Can Help Your Political Candidate Win in This Forthcoming Election


At CloudWare we believe in making things easy for everyone, that’s why we create innovative platforms that reduces hard quests or so called impossible feats into unbelievably easy tasks. All for the consumption of our customers. At CloudWare, we are interested in getting the best persons to access the positions of power in this Nation at various levels, we like to do this with the most effective means possible and the cheapest way available. Which is via the following…

• CloudWare Bulk SMS Service (CloudSMS)

• CloudWare Voice SMS Service

• Online Publicity CloudWare Digital Marketing

• Offline Publicity –Branded Mobile Phones

Ring Back Tune

How is this possible? You may ask, well at CloudWare we have on our database the names and contacts of over 15milion Nigerian voters who have registered at various local government areas within the country. Therefore all we need do is extract names and phone numbers from our database and send either a BulkSMS or VoiceSMS or Both as demanded by the client to these prospective voters about our candidate. In doing this, we are planting the presence and love of our client in the heart of the voters in the community and even the whole country at large in just a click. Also the email platform would also be explored as we have on our database over 2million active email users in Nigeria. We would therefore send emails to them to ask for their support for our candidate. The online platform could also be explored as we create an online presence for our client, this is done by creating a beautiful, simple and informative website for our client. Also our social media platforms would also be deployed with our over 100,000 followers and friends on both twitter and facebook, also online ads on all major platforms to ensure the widest reach as possible. All this would be used simultaneously to aid our campaign. The phone branding feature also helps in this publicity, our phones can be branded to suite the demands of the client and the branding is not only on the hardware of the phone but also in the software of the phone. Our phones are well customizes to clients taste. Customized ring-back tunes that will aid your campaign would be created by us to suit your demands also to inform your callers about your intentions and crave their support. You can now see that we can get your candidate to the position he craves by deploying our premium services to this course. Act now!!! CloudWare.


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