To all our customers we want to say thank you for your patronage and also thank you for being patience with us. As you know in CloudSMS we always ensure our customers are always satisfied with our service that is why we brought to you a new development as advise from our operator for sending messages and ensuring prompt delivery .

Recently, Operators in Nigeria require that All Application to Phone Messages(BulkSMS) Should have their Sender IDs registered and Approved by the operators before they would allow delivery of SMS using that sender ID to their netowork subscribers, Becuase of this , we went ahead and registered all Sender IDs that have been used on Our Platform and that of all our resellers since inception. However, you will need to pre-register new sender Ids that you have not used before to ensure delivery of your SMS across all Telcom providers.

Here are the thing you need to do before you send out messages.

  • Send the sender id you want to used for the message two days(48 hours) before sending the messages so we can send it to our operators for registration. you can send it to sade @ or whatsapp +2348059664130/ support @
  • Send the message to your phone using the sender id you sent to us has a text to confirm that it has been registered.
  • Make sure your number is not on DND and also numbers of the recipient you want to send the messages to,if numbers are on DND they won’t receive it until they call there network providers to remove them from DO NOT DISTURB LISTS.

I hope this will make it easy for our customers with issues of delivery.

Thank you.


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