World’s First SMS Appstore

Lagos, NG – CloudSMS today (30th September 2013) announces the launching of the first SMS Appstore in the world (Appstore.cloudsms.com.ng). The world’s first SMS Appstore by CloudSMS is expected to be opened for use to Nigerians and members of the international Community by 1900 hrs (GMT+1).

The Appstore is a platform specifically designed to get relevant and important information and resources across to people in need of it as long as they have a phone (feature phones, smart phones, any phone). What distinguishes this platform from other platforms is that it is not dependent on

  • The kind of phone Operating System your mobile phone is running (hence can be used by all)
  • Your Choice of Network providers on your mobile phone.
  • Your domicile country

The only requirement is you have an active mobile number.

The Appstore is a platform that provides social, economic and socio–economic benefits to the Nigerian populace. Economic opportunities available via the Appstore will provide Jobs and wealth creation opportunities requiring no major overhead (no start-up requirement). Wealth creation opportunities are available for content providers, developers, knowledge workers and virtually anyone who has relevant and important helpful information that people will appreciate.


About CloudSMS

CloudSMS is a SMS technology solutions provider with the aim of delivering innovative SMS based technologies to Nigerian and African populace. CloudSMS is based in Nigeria and is dubbed the most reliable BulkSMS Service provider in Nigeria. CloudSMS is the SMS Technology Division of CloudWare Technologies, a technological solutions provider charged with the vision to provide localized technological solutions to African Problems.


To learn more about this innovative platform; please contact

CloudWare Technologies (CloudSMS Division).

No 1 Prince Abdulsalam Close Akobo,

Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

Office: +2348179092255

Email: press@cloudware.ng


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