Do you know your Voice can be pre-recorded and sent as a voice message to any receiver(s) as a call to be heard at any preferred time?

Wondering how this works?


VoiceSMS is a pre-recorded call conversation sent to a lot of people at once, with VoiceSMS you can send voice call to numerous people at once without having to call each person; you simply record your conversation, Upload the conversation to our platform, input your recipients and send to all. After sending, each of your recipients will receive a call from your registered phone number (changeable) of the conversation you recorded as though you are calling each of the recipients from your telephone


You can use this service to reach-out in a more personalized way to your numerous Clients. Out of mind is out of sight, you know.


As the General elections draw near, this is a perfect platform for Politicians to reach out to the people, if you have a political aspirant in your circle, you can introduce this service and other digital marketing services to them and make some money from it.


This Service is brought to you by CloudWare Technologies, the company behind CloudSMS and other Superb Online Services


Get Started


Register Free, Fund your Voice Account and Start sending VoiceSMS


AS simple as ABC


Resellership Account Also available for people who would like to own their VoiceSMS/robocall/voice broadcast platform


Other services such as Caller Tunes, App,software,web Development etc are allso  available @cloudware.ng


Call the following numbers for more information: 07089706445, 08179092255


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