Launching a site

Do you want your business to gain instant credibility, have a wider market, have a wide customer base,be made accessible at all times or even be able to influence people’s decisions?

Or you have some great works you feel need to be showcased?

Or do you just have a thing for giving juicy and trending stories or relevant news and you want to have a voice in the society?

If so, you may want to consider creating a website.

There is nothing much to creating a website.  All you have to do if follow the steps below and make the right decisions when necessary.

The first thing is deciding which website building platform you want to use. These are the tools that allow construction of web. They create design templates making your site look good.The most popular ones are:

  • WordPress- this is the most professional choice.
  • Moodle –this is a suitable platform for learning management system website.
  • Drupal – this is for anyone involved in a creative business.
  • PrestaShop – this is very suitable for professional sites as it offers eCommerce plans for businesses.


All these can be installed free via 1 Click Install on CloudHost

There are many others such as Joomla, AbanteCart, OpenCart,to mention but a few.It is then left to you to make your choice depending on the purpose for which you want to create the website.

The next thing is choosing a domain name.  A domain name is just a unique name that identifies your website. It serves as an address to access your website say for example: It may have the prefix “www”. It also has a domain suffix like .com, .org, .ng. This suffix helps to identify the type of website represented by your domain name. Your domain name could be anything as long as it can be easily remembered and at the same time professional and related to the theme of your website.

After you have chosen your domain name, the next thing is choosing a web host who will register the name and pay for it. There are some important things to consider when choosing a web host such as security, backup, customer service and support. People are usually faced with the challenge of choosing names that coincide with already registered domain names. This is why you have to be creative when choosing your domain name. The domain name registration comes at affordable prices.However, you should be informed that you mustrenew it annually as the initial registration fee gives you the right to the domain name for a year.

Web hosting is another essential part of creating a website. It involves creating a space for your website on a server. It makes your website available to be viewed by others on the internet. There are different types of hosting from which you get to choose depending on how you plan to use your website, the amount of traffic you desire for your website and of course your pocket. There are also various reliable web hosting servers that can help host your website and at the same time provide other necessary services, solve your problems, answer your questions and enable your website run smoothly with little or no downtime.

All these can be done within a short period of time. Get started and secure a good domain name and web hosting for your website now through



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