How to Send BulkSMS with 100% Delivery rate

First with CloudSMS you are gauranteed 99.9999% delivery to Live numbers because we are directly connected to the operators. However some factors can still hinder your Bulksms from being sent on CloudSMS or any other bulksms platform,  below are the list of things that can prevent your messages from being delivered, once you avoid them, you will have 100% delivery rate

  1. Avoid Blocked words: to prevent Scammers from using BulkSMS as a tool, Network operator usually ban some keywords commonly used by scammers, e.g promo, congratulations(yes even congratulations on some networks), see more words of these here
  2. Avoid sending to DND list numbers: NCC Nigeria implemeted DND to allow one to not receive some forms or any form of Bulksms, advise your clients to opt our of this list if they wish to receive SMS from you, read more on DND here
  3. Avoid Using Phone number as Sender ID: Some networks don’t Deliver such messages read the link in 1 for more info
  4. Opt out of DND list yourself: Unknowing to you, you may be in DND list, so you may not recieve SMS you send because you are on the DND list.
  5. Send a Test message to your number first and ensure it delivers before sending Bulk

If you know of other ways to ensure 100% delivery not mentioned here, please add it in the comment section

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