Launches service to help you setup your blog online within 24 hrs Launches service to help you setup your blog online within 24 hrs, This service will help anyone who has passion for writing and blogging but do not have the technical know-how required to setup a monetizeable* blog. promises a quick setup of a secure, beautiful blog and a starter training pack to help you start blogging immediately after setup.  in addition they have put up a blog that shares articles on blogging, and how to make money with a blog, you should check it out

To Get started to setup your blog online instantly on , simply follow the below simple steps

  1. Go to
  2. Click on get started, and fill out the Setup form
  3. Submit and proceed to payment of the service fee
  4. You will get a setup complete email within 24 hours containing important information about your blog setup
  5. Start Blogging and making money online in the process

if you have any questions regarding how to setup a blog online, you can call/SMS/Email/Whatsapp

Call/SMS/Whatapp – +1(352)-559-2355

Email –

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*  monetizeable – this is a blog or platform capable of making money.


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