CloudSMS Promo Table as at 9th Jan 11:59pm

Winners will be contacted shortly, congrats, to learn more on the promo see this article.

Customer Units Purchased Since 10th Dec Position Price to be won by 9 Jan, 2017
st**** 64000 1 Latest Plasma Monitor Television (1st Price)
First Position Price
fr**** 58822 2 Rechargeable Fan (2nd Price) First Position
gl**** 25807 3 Lovely Phone (MP3,Radio,Flashlight,Memory card) + 1000 Airtel Card
First Position
ch**** 20000 4 Pressing Iron + CloudSMS teeshirt (4th Price)
First Position
st**** 18485 5 High capacity 8Gb Flash drive(5th Price)
Fifth Position
se**** 16118 6 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 2000 Free BulkSMS Unit (6th Price)
Sixth Position
ak**** 12567 7 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 1500 Free BulkSMS Unit (7th Price)
Seventh Position
de**** 10000 8 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 1000 Free BulkSMS Unit (8th Price)
Eight Position
to**** 10000 9 CloudSMS Tee Shirt + 500 free units (9th Price)
Nineth Position
ay**** 9000 10 CloudSMS Tee Shirt (10th Price)
Tenth Position



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