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This new year is moving super fast (like our internet in CloudWare) !! Is it just me or  is everyone with me on this? If I’m right then it means we also  need to act fast and be proactive in business this year. One way to do that is by reaching out to your costumers and potential customer effectively through the following platforms

1. Use of Voice SMS platform to convey voice messages to your customers and your to-be-customers as well. Our Voice SMS platform helps you send pre-recorded voice messages to numerous people at once without having to call each person. This helps you put your product or services in the mind of your clients and even potential customers. Our Voice SMS platform at Cloudware is dependable, easy to use, affordable and prompt on delivery.

2. Digital Marketing is another means of reaching out to your customers on the internet.There are thousands and millions of your customers and potential customers hooked on to the internet on a daily basis. You can reach them by using one of the following platforms

a. Social Media Marketing: There are thousands and millions of your customers and potential customers hooked on to one social network or the other – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, etc. Using these platforms for marketing your business would give you a wider coverage which would increase patronage. CloudWare offers this service.

b. Create a Website: A website is like a digital book on the internet that has relevant and specific information about a service or a product. You could also make a website for your business this would help you enjoy a global reach and increase your chances of greater patronage. At CloudWare we are specialists at creating world-class websites.

c. Bulk SMS: This platform helps you send SMS to all your customers at once about your products and services or other relevant information without having to text each one of them.CloudSMS makes this possible for you.

Engage your business in any of these and watch your business grow unimaginably fast this year. Don’t lose anymore potential customer. ACT NOW, ACT FAST


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