BulkSMS For 2015 Election


Elections are here again!!! what are you still waiting for? 776 Local Governments in Nigeria and and CloudSMS has a verified database of all contacts from all Local Governments Areas.

How would you want it done?

CloudSMS can help you reach out to as many Local Governments as you want for your Election Campaigns and even for your businesses either through BulkSMS, ShortCodes, LongCodes and even VoiceCalls.

How it works?

All we will do is provide you with a database of verified phone numbers as you desire from any Local Government of your choice for a fee or send the campaign on your behalf. Irrespective of the number of contacts you want, we can help you get them.

CloudSMS is an Enterprise messaging technology that allows you send BulkSMS, BulkEmail and even VoiceSMS in Bulk to thousands of people all over Nigeria.

Don’t get left behind….get connected to CloudSMS and spread the word about your campaigns/business. We have a verified database of all contacts in Nigeria. We can help you with getting the word out! Call us on 08066869418, 08179092255 or visit www.cloudware.ng


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